Michael Fox invites all of his Facebook friends and their friends to join and participate in creating an Art Community dedicated to the inspiration of the Human Form. We are open to all artists and models. There is no censorship here.

For the next few days this is an open invitation to everyone 18 years of age and older to join via Facebook. Create a profile. Join Groups. Create Groups. Upload content you would never dare on Facebook, ModelMayhem, etc..  Share and learn from each other. Here we are open and free to be ourselves.

We are still in Beta tests. So, please be patient. Please, feel free to create your own "Showcase"! I prefer to use the term "Showcase" instead of "blog" but due to some legal reasons blog it remains. Think of it like a portfolio but with more options. You can invite your friends and create a diverse culture of your one with the ability to link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.. Simple and easy. It is free and open to everyone.

Please, Join us.