“An artist is one who can see divinity in nudity!” 

Ramana Pemmaraju

Welcome to EveryBodyIsArt®!

Celebrate the Beauty of the Art Nude!

We welcome those who appreciate the nude human body as Art. The human body has from time immemorial been used as our most fundamental art form whether to decorate it or symbolically turn it into a God or Goddess. The Art Nude whether by sculpting, painting, drawing or photography has served many roles in all societies. It has many modes of expression from naughty to nice and has been honored by the greatest artists in our history. Every culture has an expression of the human form as they see it.

Our Most Ancient Art are Nudes

The Venus of Hohle Fels carved from woolly mammoth tusk located near Schelklingen, Germany is the oldest undisputed example of a depiction of a nude human being yet discovered. For figurative art is the oldest known example except for the Lion-man of the Hohlenstein-Stadel. Both are dated to between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago.

We are human and the Art Nude is among our most sacred legacies. We value this history and celebrate both the unknown artists of  old and the new artists of today.

Our website seeks to allow discerning users and artists an avenue of expression unhindered by many of the constraints found elsewhere. You will find nudes from the most staid implied to the explicitly erotic.

"There is nothing in all the world more beautiful or significant of the laws of the universe than the nude human body."

Robert Henri

Join us in this exploration of the human nude.