Fun with Fuji Instant Film

Returning to film processes has been a great experience!! The joy of accidental art in collaboration with a model and the immediacy of an instant print and negative cannot be appreciated by those living only in the digital realm.. I love the textures of the picture and the capture of light when a film pack is pre-exposed to light. Whatever the pre-exposure has done can create anything from a true solarized effect to something deeply moody transforming a shot into magic!

All the images were shot using Fuji FP-3000B film using a Fuji GX680III camera and 80mm lens. Some were experiments in multiple exposures.

Scans do not really do justice to the tactility and joy of creating the original.. Here you find some examples shot on Fuji FP-3000B instant film.. I love how fast the film is and it can easily be overexposed. But, even an overexposed image can have a beauty all its own.

The negative themselves are often the best part of the art and are never to be underestimated..Below are examples of what can be seen..

Then the positive image simply intensifies the experience of awe...