The one and only Christine “Idiivil” in Denver

The exquisitely dynamic "Idiivil" returns to Denver Aug. 19-22. Book Her Now!!! She will fulfill those projects you have in mind from fashion to the most exotic of shoots. I've worked with Christine and she is incredibly engaging and easy to direct. Whether you are a beginner or well experienced professional she can take your project to the next level! Hire Her now!!

Michael Fox

Christine Facebook

Hi there, everyone!

First, a big thank you, Mike, for the introduction!

To everyone else, a pleasure to meet you, or if we've worked together before, it's great to connect again!

I just wanted to add a few extra things as to what else I can provide if you choose to hire me 🙂
1. Full makeup styling with professional photo suitable palettes
2. Wardrobe ranging from designer latex, street clothing, beautiful dresses, lace, and a wide array of high heels and shoes!
3. Experience in genres from fashion/lifestyle to conceptual, glam, and figure art

Please let me know if my look is suitable for any projects you have ongoing 🙂 I've attached a quick collage of worksafe images for reference to a bit of what I can do and my look.

I truly hope we may work together. I am looking forward to any opportunity!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!
Christine AdamsIdiivil collagee Idiivil latexref Idiivil simplelook


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